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    The Arbitration Committee hears block or ban appeals by email in some cases. If you are:

    1. subject to an {{OversightBlock}} or a {{Checkuserblock}};
    2. blocked for reasons that are unsuitable for public discussion; or
    3. banned by Arbitration and Arbitration Enforcement decisions

    then you may submit an appeal to the Arbitration Committee by email. You can email the Arbitration Committee through Wikipedia if you have registered a email address or directly to if you have not registered an email address or being blocked from sending emails. Please read Wikipedia:Appealing a block before doing so.

    Users who do not fall into these categories should appeal by using an {{unblock}} template on their talk page or via the Unblock Ticket Request System.

    Editors could previously appeal to the Ban Appeals Subcommittee, but this was disbanded by motion of the Arbitration Committee on 15 November 2015.

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