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There are several areas of Research going on across the planet that are focused on the molecular properties of the Cannabis plant. From root to trichrome this site aims to offer as much science and discovery as we can find focusing in on the cannabis plants. Bringing Science to the Cannabis Conversation.

Areas of Focus:

  • Diseases,

Treatment of Crohn’s Disease with Cannabis- An Observational Study:

The retrospective research study was conducted by interviewing patients suffering from  Crohn’s disease.The study has found very positive effects on the symptoms of the disease (number of bowel movements, quality of bowel activity, blood in stool samples, pain, etc.).

Cannabis Induces a Clinical Response in Patients with Crohn’s Disease: a Randomized Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Study:

In the world’s first randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded study of its kind, Dr. Naftali and a team of researchers used Tikun Olam’s Erez strain to produce dramatic results with 50% of Crohn’s patients achieving “complete remission” and over 90% achieving substantial improvement – with no side effects witnessed.

The Effects of Cannabis on Appetite and Blood Indices of Geriatric Patients:

A long-term observational follow-up conducted to collect data from elderly nursing home patients that regularly use medical cannabis. The study measures parameters such as: nutritional blood work, caloric intake, weight, prescription drug usage, sepsis, trembling, spasticity, and quality of life measurements (mood, sleeping habits, etc.)


The Effects of Cannabis on Colitis:

Clinical research comparing a group of patients who will be given “Erez” strain cannabis cigarettes (0.5 grams per cigarette) and a group of patients who will be given placebo cigarettes (a total of two cigarettes per day) for a period of eight weeks, during which the effect of the substance on blood inflammation indices, life quality, medicine consumption, and adverse side effects etc., will be monitored.

The Effects of Cannabis on Crohn’s Disease*:

Clinical research comparing a test group, receiving the Avidekel strain, and a control group (placebo), in order to examine the effect of cannabis administered with oil on the inflammatory intestinal disease. The oil contains a high concentration of CBD (200 mg) and a low concentration of THC (59 mg) and is administered twice a day.

  • chronic symptoms like pain,

Cannabis and IBD Data Collection:

Large-scale long-term data collection study on patients with a permit for medical cannabis that suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) to determine the effect of cannabis use on the symptoms and adverse side effects of the disease over a long time period. The study will look at different ingestion methods and various cannabis strains to determine their impact.

  • Cancer(s),

The Effects of Cannabis On Children With Cancer:

The study is based on surveys of palliative care with cannabis and is part of the greater research effort being conducted (see laboratory research below). The long-term survey, conducted through questionnaires, monitors children with cancer who have been granted a permit to use medical cannabis.

The Effects of Cannabis on Cancer:

A comprehensive research study is being conducted that compares the effect of extracts from two different strains (one with rich in CBD with very little THC (Avidekel) and one with an equal quantity of both substances (Midnight) – approximately 15%), as well as, a placebo treatment and isolated CBD and THC and both combined. The goal is to narrow down the strain which has the most significant impact on different types of tumors and on mice.  The laboratory research being conducted examines the effects of cannabinoids on human brain tumor cells and separately on nude mice with tumors.

  • Seizures,

The Effects of Cannabis on Hypokinetic and Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders:

The study is a research survey through questionnaires that examines the effects of cannabis on the motor and  non- motor symptoms, of patients with different movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease, Parkinson plus syndromes, dystonia, tics and Tourette syndrome and others) , including quality of life and activity of daily living as well as  the side effects resulting from the cannabis consumption.

  • Tinnitus

The Effects of Cannabis on Tinnitus:

A comparative clinical research study that will study the effects of cannabis consumption on the relief of symptoms of Tinnitus. The study will be conducted on ten tinnitus patients that will be given cannabis and ten tinnitus patients given placebo.

And this is just from one chief scientist, Professor Zvi Bentwich from Israel….