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420, a slang name for cannabis, written on a train in New Jersey

More than 1,200 slang names have been identified for the dried leaves and flowers harvested from the cannabis plant for drug use.[1]

Slang names for cannabis[edit]

Pot, a common slang name for cannabis, on a sign at a 2012 cannabis rights demonstration in New York City

Slang names for marijuana[edit]

Most slang names for cannabis date to the jazz era, when it was called Weed, Reefer, Gauge, Jive. Weed is a commonly used slang term for cannabis. New slang names, like trees, came into use early in the twenty-first century.[2][3][4]

Slang names for cannabis identified by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration[edit]

Whether all of these terms are slang names is disputed by some scholars, including writers at The Boston Globe and Reason Magazine.[9][19] Slang names for cannabis that were identified by the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2017–2018 and are not corroborated by another source include:

Regional slang names[edit]


Marihuana (and derivatives: maría, mariana, mari juana, marinola, maripepa, etc.), doña juana, ganja, grifa, yerba, hierba, yerbasanta, césped/pasto/zacate, orégano, 420, joint, etc.[21]

  • Mexico: mota, mostaza, shora, grifa, juanita, cucaracha, mafafa, etc.[22]
  • Spain: maría, yerba, grifa, ganja[23][24]


Kaya, wee-wee, igbo, kush, oja, gbana, blau, kpoli and abana.[25]: 114 




Slang names for good-quality cannabis[edit]

Weed, a commonly used slang name for cannabis, written on a banner at a Yippie smoke-in in Ohio in 1978

Slang names for poor-quality cannabis[edit]

Slang names for a cannabis cigarette[edit]

Slang names for a package or a specific amount of cannabis[edit]

Slang names for consuming cannabis[edit]

Slang names for cannabis' effects[edit]

Slang names for a person who consumes cannabis[edit]

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