Cannabis Ruderalis

420, a slang name for cannabis, written on a train in New Jersey

More than 1,200 slang names have been identified for marijuana and hashish, the dried leaves and flowers harvested from cannabis for drug use,[1] including:

Slang names for cannabis[edit]

Slang names for marijuana[edit]

Most slang names for cannabis date to the jazz era, when it was called Weed, Reefer, Gauge, Jive. Weed is a commonly used slang term for marijuana. New slang names, like trees, came into use early in the twenty-first century.[2][3][4]

Slang names for cannabis identified by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration[edit]

Whether all of these terms are slang names is disputed by some scholars, including writers at The Boston Globe and Reason Magazine.[8][18] Slang names for cannabis that were identified by the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2017–2018 and are not corroborated by another source include:

Regional slang names[edit]


Marihuana (and derivatives: maría, mariana, mari juana, marinola, maripepa, etc.), ganja, grifa, yerba, hierba, yerbasanta, césped/pasto/zacate, orégano, 420, joint, etc.[20] For cannabis cigarette: porro, churro (in Mexican Spanish), faso (in Rioplatense), canuto or petardo (in Spain).


Nodge, Snudge, squidgy black, blow.


Roba, cime, fumo, weeda, canna, erba, verde



Cannabis cigarette: jonu


Dūmai, salotos, velnio kopūstas, stufas, gankė, žvairys.


Kaya, wee-wee, igbo, kush, oja, gbana, blau, kpoli and abana.[24]: 114 


Špinel, kanon, čima, fumar, bsa, trobenta, bakla, kna





Kenevir,Kendir,Esrar,“Derman, ot, plaka, mühür, sarıkız, anten, sarma, paspal, gıya, gogo, gonca, kuru, cigara, cigaralık, marijuana, deli gonca, ahna, henry, patates, keçi, yeşil, kendir, elek altı, siyah, saddam, kenevir, jelatin, mal, sarı, çiçek, sündüz, cam macunu, kına, kuriş, gubar, nane, mgar, canabiş, esrariş, corba corbis"


Wídeček, brk, brkpauza, sušina, kuřízek, sakl, géčko, zelenina, brokolice, středovesmír, hůlo, hulko, dunítko...

Slang names for good-quality cannabis[edit]

Weed, a commonly used slang name for marijuana, written on a banner at a Yippie smoke-in in Ohio in 1978

Slang names for poor-quality cannabis[edit]

Slang names for a cannabis cigarette[edit]

Slang names for a package or a specific amount of cannabis[edit]

Slang names for consuming cannabis[edit]

Slang names for cannabis' effects[edit]

Slang names for a person who consumes cannabis[edit]

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