Chowhound (or is a food website brand that is currently maintained by Red Ventures.


Chowhound is a popular online food discussion board founded by food writer Jim Leff and Bob Okumura in 1997, known for its user base of food fanatics. In 2006, Leff and Okumura sold the site to CNET Networks, which redesigned it and merged it with CHOW magazine, keeping its busy forums, grouped by locale. After CNET was merged into CBS Interactive in 2008, the original domain was restored and CHOW was eliminated. It is owned by Red Ventures, as of October 2020.[1][2]

Book series[edit]

Penguin USA has published two Chowhound restaurant guides, The Chowhound's Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area and The Chowhound's Guide to the New York Tristate Area.[3]

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