Substance intoxication

Substance intoxication
Classification and external resources
Specialty psychiatry
ICD10 F10.0-F19.0
ICD9-CM 305
MeSH D011041

Substance intoxication is a type of substance use disorder[1] which is potentially maladaptive and impairing, but reversible,[2] and associated with recent use of a substance.[3]

If the symptoms are severe, the term “substance intoxication delirium” may be used.[4]
Slang terms include: for pretty much all drugs that is not alcohol, it’s getting high (generic) or being stoned or blazed (usually in reference to cannabis[citation needed]), with many more specific slang terms for each particular type of intoxicant. Alcohol intoxication is even graded in intensity from buzzed, to tipsy, all the way up to drunk, hammered, smashed, fucked up, wasted, destroyed, shitfaced and a number of other terms.


Examples (and ICD-10 code) include:

Contact high[edit]

The term contact high is sometimes used to describe intoxication without direct administration, either by second-hand smoke (as with cannabis), or by placebo in the presence of others who are intoxicated.

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