Qâlat daqqa

Qâlat daqqa (also spelled gâlat dagga),[1][2] or Tunisian Five Spices, is a spice blend originating from Tunisia. It is made of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, peppercorns, and grains of paradise mixed and ground, depending on its use, between a coarse grind and a fine powder. This spice blend is used to as both an aromatic and seasoning for meats and vegetable dishes.[3] The flavor of the mixture is described as being "sweet and warm".[4]


Qâlat daqqa is utilized in several manners:

  1. In meats it is used as ether a dry rub or as an ingredient to marinades. It is noted for use in lamb tajines.[5]
  2. In vegetable dishes, it is noted for imparting a warm flavor, especially in pumpkin- or eggplant-based dishes.[5] It can also be used in dishes like fruit crisps or other fruit desserts and pies [6]


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