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Richard Lee
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Richard Lee at Hemp & Cannabis Expo 2010
Occupation Cannabis activist

Richard Lee is a marijuana rights activist who runs various medical marijuana programs throughout the “Oaksterdam” area of downtown Oakland, California. He is regarded as a central figure in Northern California‘s medical marijuana movement.[1] He also operates a coffee shop.[2] He has been active in working to end cannabis prohibition since 1992.[citation needed]

California Proposition 19[edit]

He was the chief promoter of California Proposition 19, titled the “Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010”, which was a measure to legalize marijuana in California. On December 14, 2009 the secretary of state confirmed receipt of enough signatures to qualify the measure for inclusion on the November 2010 ballot.[3] The initiative failed to pass, with 54% of California voters voting “No”, and 46% voting “Yes”.[4]

Oaksterdam University[edit]

In 2007, Lee founded Oaksterdam University, the United States‘ first cannabis-oriented “college”.[3] The unaccredited educational facility has 1 campus in Oakland, Ca and offers classes on politics and legal issues related to marijuana as well as horticulture, cooking with cannabis, business management, and entrepreneurship.[citation needed] Lee is no longer with the organization according to the website.

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