Initiative 190
Montana Marijuana Legalization and Tax Initiative
Votes %
Yes 341,037 56.90%
No 258,337 43.10%
Valid votes 599,374 97.92%
Invalid or blank votes 12,701 2.08%
Total votes 612,075 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 752,538 81.33%

Montana Initiative 190 Results By County.png
Results by county. Counties with majority "Yes" votes are in green and counties with majority "No" votes are in red.
Source: Montana Secretary of State

Montana I-190, the Montana Marijuana Legalization and Tax Initiative was a cannabis legalization initiative that appeared on the November 3, 2020 Montana general election ballot. Passing with 57% approval, the initiative legalized recreational marijuana in the state effective January 1, 2021. Along with Arizona, New Jersey and South Dakota, Montana was one of four states that legalized cannabis via ballot measures in the November 2020 election.

The sponsor of the initiative was New Approach Montana, in partnership with the Marijuana Policy Project.[1]


Initiative I-190 (legislation) and matching constitutional amendment initiative were submitted by New Approach Montana to the Montana Secretary of State in January,[2][3] and approved for signature gathering as of May 1, 2020.[4] Following a lawsuit and a declaration from the Montana Supreme Court, the Montana Secretary of State determined that mail-in voter signatures would be allowed for all initiatives without requiring notary seal,[5][1] and starting May 9, the sponsors made a downloadable mail-in form available.[6] On June 19, groups collecting voter signatures for the legalization initiative said they had submitted almost twice the minimum to the Secretary of State by the deadline.[7] The sponsors announced in July that they had reached the threshold for ballot inclusion, based on county-level voter certification.[8]

On August 13, the Montana Secretary of State announced it had qualified for the November ballot.[9]

The initiative was approved by voters on November 3, 2020.[10]


On Initiative 190
Poll source Date(s)
of error
For Initiative 190 Against Initiative 190 Other Undecided
Montana State University Billings October 19–24, 2020 546 (LV) ± 4.2% 54% 38% 7%
Montana State University Bozeman September 14 – October 2, 2020 1,607 (LV) ± 3.9% 49% 39% 2%[b] 10%
On whether recreational marijuana should be legal
Poll source Date(s)
of error
Yes No Undecided
University of Montana February 12–22, 2020 498 (LV) ± 4.39% 54% 37% 9%
University of Montana February 21 – March 1, 2019 293 (RV) ± 5.7% 51% 37% 12%


Choice Votes %
For 341,037 56.90
Against 258,337 43.10
Blank votes 12,701 -
Total 612,075 100
Registered voters/turnout 752,538 81.33
Source: Montana Secretary of State


  1. ^ a b Key:
    A – all adults
    RV – registered voters
    LV – likely voters
    V – unclear
  2. ^ Would not vote with 2%

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