Legality of Cannabis by U.S. Jurisdiction

Legality of medical and non-medical cannabis in the United States. Areas under tribal sovereignty not shown.

Cannabis regulatory agencies exist in several of the U.S. states and territories, the one federal district, and several areas under tribal sovereignty in the United States which have legalized cannabis. In November 2020, 19 state agencies formed the Cannabis Regulators Association.[1]

The agencies include:


Territorial or Federal district[edit]

  • Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands Cannabis Commission (in formation as of October 2018 pursuant to CNMI Cannabis Act of 2018)[4]
  • District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration[5] (was Department of Health Division of Medical Marijuana and Integrative Therapy until October 1, 2020[6]); medical cannabis only – there is no regulatory agency for other use[a]
  • Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Regulatory Board (a division of the Puerto Rico Department of Health). The Board was created in 2017 under the MEDICINAL Act of 2017.[8]


  • Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission[9][10][11][12][13][14] (as of 13 September 2021, since 8/3/2021, agency has met 3x regular, 2x special/called, but does not yet have a website)


  • Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission[32]
  • Arkansas Bureau of Cannabis Control[33]
  • Delaware Office of Marijuana Control Commissioner[34]
  • Hawaii Department of Taxation[35][non-primary source needed]
  • Indiana Cannabis Compliance Commission[36]
  • Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Control[37]
  • Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control[38]
    • Cannabis Management Office[39]
  • Ohio Department of Commerce
  • Pennsylvania Cannabis Regulatory Control Board[40]
  • Vermont Cannabis Control Board[41][b]


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