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Lawrence Wasden

since January 6, 2003
Term lengthFour years
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The Attorney General of Idaho is an elected office that assists local law enforcement agencies in the state of Idaho. They provide legal representation for state agencies, state corporations and any persons holding ownership of property, as well as enforcing consumer protection laws.[1] They advise state officials and entities in relation to the law. The current attorney general, Lawrence Wasden, is the longest serving attorney general in Idaho's history.[2] Though, the Attorney General has a four-year term, there is no term limits on how many attempts that an incumbent can run for office.[3] Some of Wasden's notable accomplishments while being the Idaho Attorney General are his efforts in giving more rights to victims and the reduction of domestic violence, awarded the "Courage in Public Service" for his actions and integrity of his job duties, and being named the "2011 Children's Champion" for protecting children from sexual abuse.[4]


Certain qualifications for Attorney General are as follows: they must be a good-standing member of the Idaho bar, a U.S. citizen, at least 30 years of age, and a resident of Idaho for at least 2 years prior to the election.[5]

Attorneys General of the Territory of Idaho[edit]

Idaho Territory was created from Dakota Territory, Nebraska Territory, and Washington Territory on March 4, 1863.[6]

The Office of Territorial Attorney General was created in 1885 (Laws of the Territory of Idaho, 1885, p. 31).

Attorneys General of the Territory of Idaho
# Name Term of Service Political Party
1 D. P. B. Pride 1885–1887
2 Richard Z. Johnson 1885–1890

Federal vs. State Attorney General[edit]

The Difference Between the State and US Attorney General: The US Attorney General is appointed whereas the Attorney General for the states is elected. The State's Attorney General deals with civil cases and often acts as a special prosecutor as well as oversees prosecution for the state. The US Attorney General represents the United States in lawsuits and oversees the prosecution for the federal government. Their work is mainly done in the federal court system.[7]

Office Holders[edit]

Attorneys General of the State of Idaho[edit]

Idaho was admitted to the Union on July 3, 1890.

The Office of Attorney General of the State of Idaho was created by the Constitution of Idaho, 1889, Art. IV, Sec. 1.

Attorneys General by party affiliation
Party Attorneys General
Republican 21
Democratic 10
Populist 1
Attorneys General of the State of Idaho
# Name Term of Service Political Party
1 George H. Roberts 1891-1893 Republican
2 George M. Parsons 1893–1897 Republican
3 Robert McFarland 1897–1899 Populist
4 S. H. Hays 1899–1901 Democratic
5 Frank Martin 1901–1903 Democratic
6 John A. Bagley 1903–1905 Republican
7 John Guheen 1905–1909 Republican
8 D. C. McDougall 1909–1913 Republican
9 Joseph H. Peterson 1913–1917 Republican
10 T. A. Walters 1917–1919 Democratic
11 Roy L. Black 1919–1923 Republican
12 A. H. Conner 1923–1927 Republican
13 Frank L. Stephan 1927–1929 Republican
14 W. D. Gillis 1929–1931 Republican
15 Fred J. Babcock 1931–1933 Republican
16 Bert H. Miller 1933–1937 Democratic
17 J. W. Taylor 1937–1941 Democratic
18 Bert H. Miller 1941–1945 Democratic
19 Frank Langley 1945–1947 Democratic
20 Robert Ailshie 1947 Republican
21 Robert E. Smylie 1947–1955 Republican
22 Graydon W. Smith 1955–1959 Republican
23 Frank L. Benson 1959–1963 Democratic
24 Allan Shepard 1963–1969 Republican
25 Robert M. Robson 1969–1971 Republican
26 W. Anthony Park 1971–1975 Democratic
27 Wayne L. Kidwell 1975–1979 Republican
28 David H. Leroy 1979–1983 Republican
29 Jim Jones (judge) 1983–1991 Republican
30 Larry EchoHawk 1991–1995 Democratic
31 Alan G. Lance 1995–2003 Republican
32 Lawrence Wasden 2003–present Republican


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