Legality of Cannabis by U.S. Jurisdiction

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Cannabis in the Cayman Islands is illegal, but is transported illicitly; limited usage of CBD oil is allowed for medical purposes since 2016.

Counter-drug operations[edit]

The Cayman Islands cooperates with the United States Coast Guard to share intelligence on drug trafficking. In 1998, a USCG helicopter radioed information to a Cayman Islands vessel, leading them to intercept a Jamaican fast-boat with 1600lbs of cannabis.[1] In 1995 alone, Cayman seized 2.6 metric tons of cannabis; 742 pounds of that were seized in one operation, found in burlap sacks labeled "brown sugar made in Jamaica".[2]

CBD oil legalization[edit]

In 2016, the governor of the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands approved a change to the Misuse of Drugs Law to allow the importation and use of CBD oil for medical purposes.[3]


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