Cannabis in Lithuania is illegal for recreational use, but legislation allowing for medical use was approved in October 2018. In 2013 the cultivation of industrial hemp was legalized.

Industrial hemp[edit]

In 2013 Lithuania was the only country in the European Union which banned the cultivation of industrial hemp, and in September that year the government elected to legalize industrial hemp by a vote of 66–16, pending the president's signature and to take effect at the start of 2014.[1]

2016 protest[edit]

In 2016 protestors planning an April 20th event at Parliament were targeted by the Prosecutor General's Office, which believed that permitting the event might "violate the public interest".[2]

Medical cannabis[edit]

A law allowing for medical use of cannabis was approved by the Seimas on 11 October 2018, with an effective date of 1 May 2019.[3] As of the effective date no medications were available in pharmacies, however.[4]


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