Districts of the U.S. Virgin Islands
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CategoryFederal Unit
LocationUnited States Virgin Islands
Number2 (Administrative)
3 (U.S. Census Bureau)
Populations4,170 (Saint John) – 51,634 (Saint Thomas (U.S. Census Bureau divisions)
Areas19.61 square miles (50.8 km2) (Saint John) – 82.88 square miles (214.7 km2) (Saint Croix) (U.S. Census Bureau divisions)
GovernmentDistrict government
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The United States Virgin Islands (pop. 106,405[1]) are administratively divided into two districts, which are divided into 20 subdistricts. These are further divided into quarters and estates.

The districts are:

  1. Saint Croix
  2. Saint Thomas and Saint John

Saint Thomas and Saint John together form a single district, while Saint Croix is a separate district.[2][3][4] However for statistical purposes, the United States Census Bureau treats each of the three main islands (Saint Thomas, Saint John and Saint Croix) as a separate county equivalent despite the fact that there are only two districts.[5][6][7]

The U.S. Virgin Islands legislature has 15 seats: 7 seats are for the Saint Croix District, 7 seats are for the Saint Thomas and Saint John District, and one seat is for someone who must live in Saint John.[3]

Below is the U.S. Census Bureau's model, in which each of the 3 main islands is counted as a separate district:

The subdistricts of the Saint Croix census district (pop. 50,601[1]) are:

  1. Anna's Hope Village (pop. 4,041[1])
  2. Christiansted (pop. 2,626[1])
    • Christiansted town (pop. 2,433[1])
  3. East End (pop. 2,453 [1])
  4. Frederiksted (pop. 3,091 [1])
    • Frederiksted town (pop. 859 [1])
  5. Northcentral (pop. 4,977[1])
  6. Northwest (pop. 4,863[1])
  7. Sion Farm (pop. 13,003[1])
  8. Southcentral (pop. 8,049[1])
  9. Southwest (pop. 7,498[1])

The sub-districts of the Saint Thomas census district (pop. 51,634[1]) are:

  1. Charlotte Amalie (pop. 18,481[1])
    • Charlotte Amalie town (pop. 10,354[1])
  2. East End (pop. 8,403[1])
  3. Northside (pop. 10,049[1])
  4. Southside (pop. 5,411[1])
  5. Tutu (pop. 6,867[1])
  6. Water Island (pop. 182[1])
  7. West End (pop. 2,241[1])

The sub-districts of the Saint John census district (pop. 4,170[1]) are:

  1. Central (pop. 779[1])
  2. Coral Bay (pop. 634[1])
  3. Cruz Bay (pop. 2,706[1])
  4. East End (pop. 51[1])

The county-level FIPS codes for the U.S. Virgin islands are:[5][7]

  • Saint Croix — 78010
  • Saint John — 78020
  • Saint Thomas — 78030

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