Vermont Public Radio
Broadcast areaVermont and bordering areas of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Quebec
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FormatMain VPR stations: Public Radio and Jazz
VPR Classical stations: Classical and Opera
OwnerVermont Public Radio
(sale pending to Vermont ETV)
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Vermont Public Radio (VPR) is a network of public radio stations covering the state of Vermont. The network is a mix of programming from NPR, Public Radio International, American Public Media with some locally produced programs. VPR also broadcasts classical music on a different set of stations and has some online-only programming, including a 24-hour jazz music service. VPR is headquartered in Colchester, a suburb of Burlington. Other studio facilities are located in Montpelier, Manchester, Norwich and Brattleboro.


In 1975, four Vermonters met to make preliminary plans to form a member station for the then-fledgling National Public Radio. Two years later, in 1977, Vermont Public Radio signed on from studios at the historic Windsor House in Windsor. Despite criticism that Vermont was too small and too rural for listener-supported public radio, the network has expanded to 13 full-power stations and 12 low-power translators covering almost all of Vermont as well as parts of New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Quebec.

In terms of market size, VPR is the smallest NPR member station/network in New England and one of the smallest in the nation. However, since the mid-1990s, it has been one of the most listened-to public radio stations per capita in the country, with approximately 194,000 listeners each week and 27,000 members who support VPR with a voluntary financial contribution.

For many years, VPR broadcast a mixed format of news and information programming, classical, jazz, and folk music. In 2004, VPR launched a separate 24/7 classical service, VPR Classical.

In October 2007, all classical and opera music was moved to VPR Classical. VPR News carries news, information, cultural, and entertainment programs throughout the day, with the BBC World Service airing weekday mornings for one hour following NPR's Morning Edition and every night during the post-midnight hours. Weekend evenings feature jazz, rock, and folk music programming.

On September 9, 2020, VPR announced it had agreed to merge with Vermont PBS.[1]


In 2013, VPR confirmed that a listener found lead inside the ink used in VPR's Artist Mugs. The health department found that the outer rim of the 2011 VPR cup contained 3.18 percent lead. That greatly exceeds the level considered safe for children, .01 percent.[2] VPR has since stopped using Artist Mugs as gifts for donors.

VPR News[edit]

Vermont Public Radio's news and information service, VPR News carries most of the more popular news and talk programs from NPR, APM, PRI, and the CBC, as well as several local shows.

Local Programs on VPR[edit]

  • Vermont Edition with Jane Lindholm (daily call-in newsmagazine)
  • All the Traditions with Robert Resnik (folk music)
  • My Place with Joel Najman (early rock & R&B from the 1950s and 1960s)
  • Friday Night Jazz with Ray Vega (jazz)

Full-Power Stations[edit]

VPR News
Call sign Frequency City of license ERP
Class Founded FCC info
WBTN-FM 94.3 FM Bennington, Vermont 3,000 A August 21, 1978[3] FCC
WRVT 88.7 FM Rutland, Vermont 4,000 C2 March 13, 1987[3] FCC
WVBA 88.9 FM Brattleboro, Vermont 8,900 B1 2012 FCC
WVPA 88.5 FM St. Johnsbury, Vermont 850 C2 March 19, 1999[3] FCC
WVPR 89.5 FM Windsor, Vermont 1,700 B 1975 FCC
WVPS 107.9 FM Burlington, Vermont 48,400 C February 25, 1981[3] FCC

(Note: WVPS transmits from atop of Mount Mansfield.[4][5][6] Due to its signal strength, the station can be heard in parts of New York state, southern Quebec and as far west as eastern Ontario in Canada.)

Low-Power Translators[edit]

Broadcast translators of WRVT
Call sign Frequency
City of license ERP
Class FCC info
W227CA 93.3 Rupert, Vermont 10 D FCC FM Query
W256CW 99.1 Rutland, Vermont 130 D FCC FM Query
W258AW 99.5 Middlebury, Vermont 38 D FCC FM Query
W266AK 101.1 Rupert, Vermont 10 D FCC FM Query

W237BF has a construction permit to move to Methuen, MA to rebroadcast WCCM AM 1570.

Broadcast translators of WVPR
Call sign Frequency
City of license FCC info
W223AV 92.5 Manchester, Vermont FCC FM Query
W227CA 93.3 Rupert, Vermont FCC FM Query
W258AZ 99.5 Newbury, Vermont FCC FM Query
Broadcast translators of WVPS
Call sign Frequency
City of license FCC info
W231BQ 94.1 Montpelier, Vermont FCC FM Query
W234BD 94.7 Bolton, Vermont FCC FM Query
W258AW 99.5 Middlebury, Vermont FCC FM Query
W258BJ 99.5 Island Pond, Vermont FCC FM Query

VPR Classical[edit]

Since 2007, VPR has broadcast classical and opera music on a separate network. The main station is WOXR (90.9 FM), which is licensed to Schuyler Falls, New York and serves the Burlington, Vermont/Plattsburgh, New York area.

The former WAVX took the WOXR calls and VPR Classical format at 9:09 AM on August 31, 2007. VPR President Mark Vogelzang, when asked about the new call letters' origin, said that they were an "homage" to New York City classical music station WQXR.[7]

VPR Classical continues to air on its original full-power home station, WNCH (88.1 FM) in Norwich, as well as full-power WVTQ (95.1 FM) in Sunderland and WVTI (106.9 FM) in Brighton. It is also available on VPR HD Radio throughout Northwestern Vermont via WVPS HD-2 (107.9-2 FM).

On April 4, 2014, WOXM moved its signal from 90.1 FM to 89.1 FM;[8] interference with the Vermont Electric Power Company's emergency response radio system led VPR to reverse the move on October 12, 2015.[9]

Local Programs on VPR Classical[edit]

  • Classical Music with Helen Lyons
  • Classical Music with Walter Parker
  • Classical Music with James Stewart

Full-Power Stations[edit]

VPR Classical
Call sign Frequency City of license ERP
Class Founded FCC info
WNCH 88.1 FM Norwich, Vermont 1,550 B September 4, 2003[3] FCC
WOXM 90.1 FM Middlebury, Vermont 1,200 A May 27, 2010[3] FCC
WOXR 90.9 FM Schuyler Falls, New York 2,700 C2 July 8, 2004[3] FCC
WVNK 91.1 FM Manchester, Vermont 115 A FCC
WVTI 106.9 FM Brighton, Vermont 1,420 A July 4, 2007[3] FCC
WVTQ 95.1 FM Sunderland, Vermont 96 A October 3, 1990[3] FCC
WVXR 102.1 FM Randolph, Vermont 11,000 C3 October 25, 1982 FCC

Low-Power Translators[edit]

Broadcast translators of WNCH
Call sign Frequency
City of license FCC info
W272AU 102.3 Hanover, New Hampshire FCC FM Query
W280CS 103.9 Hanover, New Hampshire FCC FM Query
W295AL 106.9 Woodstock, Vermont FCC FM Query
W295AU 106.9 Manchester, Vermont FCC FM Query
Broadcast translators of WOXR
Call sign Frequency
City of license FCC info
W233BD 94.5 Burlington, Vermont FCC FM Query
Broadcast translators of WVTQ
Call sign Frequency
City of license ERP
Class FCC info
W266AK 101.1 Rupert, Vermont 10 D FCC FM Query


VPR produces the podcasts The Frequency, But Why?, Brave Little State and Timeline.

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