Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives
Scott Bedke

since December 6, 2012
Inaugural holderFrank A. Fenn

This is a complete list of people who have served as speakers of the Idaho House of Representatives to the present.

Order Name Party Legislature County Notes
1 Frank A. Fenn Republican 1st Idaho
2 David T. Miller Republican 2nd
3 Robert V. Cozier Republican 3rd Bingham Later appointed by William McKinley as United States Attorney for the District of Idaho
4 Albert H. Alford Democratic 4th Nez Perce
5 David L. Evans Democratic Oneida
6 Glenn P. McKinley Democratic Shoshone
7 James F. Hunt Republican 3 terms Bannock
8 Paul Clagstone Republican Bonner
9 Charles D. Storey Republican Ada
10 C.S. French Republican Canyon
11 A.H. Connor Republican Bonner
12 B. Harvey Allred Democratic
13 M.A. Kiger Republican Kootenai
14 Peter Johnston Republican Bingham
15 M.A. Kiger Republican Kootenai
16 Wallace Gillis Republican 2 terms Twin Falls Also served as the 14th Attorney General of Idaho
17 Donald S. Whitehead Republican Ada Also served as the 23rd and 28th Lieutenant Governor of Idaho
18 C.A. Bottolfsen Republican Butte Also served as the 17th and 19th Governor of Idaho
19 Robert Coulter Democratic Valley
20 Troy D. Smith Democratic 2 terms Custer
21 Milton L. Horsley Republican Caribou
22 Francis M. Bistline Democratic Bannock
23 Milton L. Horsley Republican Caribou
24 Willis C. Moffatt Republican 1944-1946 Ada
25 Barney Glavin Republican Twin Falls
26 John Hohnhorst Republican Jerome
27 W.L. Mills Republican 1950 – June, 1951 Canyon Resigned to become secretary to Congressman Hamer Budge
28 R.H. Young, Jr. Republican 32nd 33rd Canyon
29 Elvon Hampton Republican 34th Latah
30 Robert Doolittle Democratic 35th Bonner
31 William Denman Eberle Republican 36th Ada
32 Pete T. Cenarrusa Republican 37th 38th 39th Blaine Also served as the 25th Secretary of State
33 William J. Lanting Republican 39th 40th 41st 42nd Twin Falls
34 Allan F. Larsen Republican 1974 – 1978 43rd 44th Bingham Republican nominee for Governor in 1978
35 Ralph Olmstead Republican 45th 46th Twin Falls
36 Tom W. Stivers Republican 47th 48th Twin Falls
37 Tom Boyd Republican 49th 50th 51st Latah
38 Mike Simpson Republican 52nd 53rd 54th Bingham Serves as U.S. Congressman for Idaho's 2nd District
39 Bruce Newcomb Republican 55th 56th 57th 58th Cassia
40 Lawerence Denney Republican 59th 60th 61st Washington Serves as the 27th Secretary of State
41 Scott Bedke Republican 62nd 63rd 64th Cassia Incumbent

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