The state controller is an elected office in the U.S. state of Idaho.

Duties of the Idaho State Controller[edit]

The State Controller is the chief fiscal officer of state government and manages Idaho's fiscal affairs which include paying all obligations of the state, paying all state employees, as well as maintaining the centralized financial management reporting and accounting systems.[1]

He is the ex officio Secretary of the Board of Examiners, a member of the Board of Land Commissioners, and serves on the Board of Canvassers. He also manages the state's central Computer Service Center, sits as a member of the Information Technology Resource Management Council (ITRMC), and serves as an advisor to the Commissioners of the Idaho Housing and Finance Association, as well as advisor to the Commissioners of the Idaho Food Quality Assurance Institute and administrator of State Social Security Programs.[1]

To accomplish these tasks, the State Controller's Office is divided into three operating divisions and an administrative support division:

Administrative operations[2]
  • Responsible for State Controller's Office budget, fiscal, facility, and HR management
  • Provides public information services
  • Oversees statewide Business Intelligence Program (IBIS)
  • Supports State Controller's board memberships (Land Board, Board of Examiners, Board of Canvassers)
Statewide accounting[2]
  • Generates state warrants, which are used like checks to pay state employees and other state business obligations
  • Maintains the State's accounting system (STARS)
  • Prepares statewide financial reports (CAFR, Citizen's Report, Legal Basis)
  • Implements statewide accounting standards, which conform to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
  • Coordinates 1099 MISC filing for state agencies
Statewide computer services[2]
  • Operates the State's largest mainframe computer and data center
  • Provides technical data processing support to state agencies
  • Application development and support
Statewide payroll – Employee Information System (EIS)[2]
  • Pays and maintains payroll records for approximately 25,000 state employees
  • Conducts payroll and accounting training conferences for government employees
  • Responsible for all garnishment processing, tax reporting, and electronic-fund transfers with major vendors

Office holders[edit]

Idaho state controllers
Officeholder Party Assumed office Left office
Silas W. Moody Republican 1/5/1891 1/2/1893
Frank C. Ramsey Republican 1/2/1893 1/7/1897
J.H. Anderson P-D[clarification needed] 1/7/1897 7/2/1899
Bartlett Sinclair 1/7/1899 1/7/1901
E.W. Jones P-D-S.R.[clarification needed] 1/7/1901 1/5/1903
Theo Turner Republican 1/5/1903 1/3/1905
Robert S. Bragaw 1/2/1905 1/4/1909
S.D. Taylor Republican 1/4/1909 1/6/1913
Fred L. Huston Republican 1/6/1913 1/1/1917
Clarence Van Deusen Democratic 1/1/1917 1/6/1919
Edward G. Gallett Republican 1/6/1919 1/2/1933
Harry C. Parsons Democratic 1/2/1933 1/2/1939
Calvin E. Wright Democratic 1/2/1939 1/1/1945
Ernest G. Hansen Democratic 1/1/1945 1/6/1947
N.P. Nielson Republican 1/6/1947 4/30/1957 (died in office)
Rulon Swensen Republican 6/18/1957 (appointed to fill vacancy) 1/5/1959
Joe R. Williams Democratic 1/5/1959 2/28/1989 (resigned)
J.D. Williams Democratic 3/1/1989 (appointed to fill vacancy then elected) 09/30/2002
Keith Johnson Republican 10/1/2002 (appointed to fill vacancy then elected) 1/1/2007
Donna Jones Republican 1/2/2007 9/15/2012
Brandon Woolf Republican 9/15/2012 present


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