Cannabis in Malta is illegal but partially decriminalized. In 2018, Malta legalized medical cannabis.


In 2015, Malta introduced new policies to decriminalize cannabis. Simple possession will still remain an "arrestable offense" is for the police to be able to fight drug trafficking, and says that the possession of a minimal amount of drugs (3.5g) for personal consumption will effectively be decriminalized. First-time offenders will be handed fines of between €50 and €100 in the case of cannabis possession. Repeat offenders will appear before a Drug Offenders Rehabilitation Board, headed by retired Chief of Justice, which will set conditions for rehabilitation. Breaching the conditions would be tantamount to a criminal offense. The Magistrates Court - in cases not involving the use of weapons or violence - would be able to act as a Drugs Court and refer the accused for treatment to the rehabilitation board.[1][2]

Medical cannabis[edit]

Sativex was approved for prescription use in 2015. As of July 2017, however, no patients have been treated with it.[3]

In March 2018, the Maltese president signed into law legislation approving medical cannabis with a prescription, though the legislation did not detail which specific conditions would merit the use of cannabis.[4][5]

Guerrilla gardening[edit]

In 2014 news media reported that cannabis saplings were appearing in roundabouts and centre strips in Gozo and Zebbug.[6]


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