The consumption of Cannabis in Costa Rica is nominally illegal; however, personal consumption does not carry any criminal penalties. The sale of marijuana, however, can be punished criminally.[1]


Laws in Costa Rica are vague on the topic of the legality of marijuana. According to The Costa Rica News, "The Narcotics Law No. 8204 says that it's illegal to sell and produce marijuana on a big scale. It's also illegal to carry marijuana of more than a small dose. That said, the law doesn’t specify how much marijuana qualifies as a 'small dose' or if it's legal to grow the plant for personal use."[2] Many have interpreted this vagueness in the law to mean personal consumption in small dosages are legal in private areas. Police Enforcement in Costa Rica (Fuerza Pública) does not have a specific protocol to deal with cannabis users, nonetheless in case of possession of "small dosages" (informally considered somewhat between 1 - 8 grams) they will confiscate the drugs. In the case of a larger amount they may proceed with a formal arrest.

As of 2019, cannabis use in Costa Rica is still slightly considered a taboo, nonetheless Costa Rica is one of the countries in the region that generally accepts its consumption.[citation needed]

In March of 2019, a project of law was proposed to legalize and regulate medical cannabis and essential cannabis oils in Costa Rica, said project is set to be reviewed by the congress of the republic (Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica).[3]