Cannabis in Bermuda is legal for medical use and decriminalized for recreational use. As of February 26, 2020, the Bermuda Government has begun discussions to expand the legality of medicinal and recreational marijuana, as well as local cultivation for personal and commercial use. These changes shall be discussed under the Cannabis (Licensing and Control) Act 2020 in the upcoming Bermuda Parliament sessions. [1]

Medical use[edit]

In November 2016, the Supreme Court of Bermuda ruled in favor of allowing the medical use of cannabis.[2] As of July 2018, two doctors have been licensed to prescribe the drug.[3] Despite these reforms, legal medicinal cannabis was until recently impossible to obtain due to self-imposed restrictions with the United Nations. On March 30, 2020, these UN restrictions were relaxed to 2,000 grams per year with the potential for patients to import their own. These changes are likely to be expanded on with the upcoming Cannabis (Licensing and Control) Act 2020. [4] Otherwise, the Bermuda Government has not legislatively made steps towards ensuring legal medicinal importation, and with providing prescribed patient(s) with their medication. [5]


In December 2017, Bermuda passed legislation decriminalizing personal possession of 7 grams or less of cannabis.[6][7]


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